Rules & Requirements


  • Each teacher will bring 5-6 students to the competition
  • Team creation: drafted by teachers, 7 teams of 5-6 students per team
  • The top cumulative scoring team will receive individual trophies


  • Teams create an app, product, website, etc. to address the competition challenge.
  • Each team must come up with a name for their project.
  • There must be coding used in the project
    • Code can be created on platforms like Scratch or other block coding platforms
    • If Open Source or Creative Commons code is used, student must site source
      •  Code “borrrowed” must be clearly marked in student code by commenting and giving attribution to original coder and must be used as a step or modified away from original intent
        • For example, a student can’t present a project that is software to check soil moisture and use “borrowed” code that checks soil moisture. That wouldn’t be presenting anything original. A student could “borrow” code that measures humidity and then try to modify or build upon that code to make it be a soil moisture project.
    • Comments should be used in code where appropriate. See example code here.
      • If Pastebin is blocked, see on
  • Teachers are the facilitator/guide and can answer clarifying questions about competition, along with creating a team environment. 
  • Teachers can support teams with tech issues (functionality), but please use best judgment when supporting students.  Only clarifying directions, expectations, etc.  No help in decision making and suggestions

Possible Supplies and Equipment

  • Computers
  • Graphic design program
  • Arduinos/PIs
  • Robotics
  • Various computer programs, dependent on teacher



  • Students will have access to wifi.  
  • Schools are encouraged to bring student computers (Chromebooks) for project research and at least one laptop for creating the project.  Be sure all devices are labeled with your district information.
  • If your school does not have a Windows laptop, you must request permission to borrow a laptop at least two weeks prior to the competition.

Disqualification Criteria

  • Plagiarism
  • Use of outside additional team members and/or their ideas
  • Working on project after submission deadline

Teams Submit Project for Presentation

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Challenge Revealed

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